image Cozy festive essentials

Holidays are coming, but so are exams, so we spend a lot more time at home, studying… So here is what you need to feel a little cozy and festive while cuddling your textbooks on your sofa!


1. Christmassy warm leggings (we all love some reindeers and snowflakes)

2. Christmas socks – to keep your feet nice and warm (go hunting for beauties like this in Primark)

3. Fluffy slippers – tartan love! (same old Primani)

4. Warm and furry (oh-so-soft) jumper (H&M)

5. Polar blanket (Ikea, Argos, Tesco, Primark – just get one! I’m sure you’ll find one for approx. 5-7 pounds)

6. Nice cuppa tea/coffe/hot chocolate (a cute little mug will definitely make you feel better)

7. Advent’s calendar! Having a piece of chocolate every day kinda makes studying more bearable (like who doesn’t have a pound for that? – Poundland)

8. The Book (well you are lucky if that book can be the Mockingjay, but I’m just going with my lovely-jubbly business textbooks for now – substitute with any of your “fav” readings and that’s you sorted)

9. Your phone – obviously…, but why not get a nice festive phone case from ebay, that’s a pretty cool way to get you in the christmas spirit – ‘coz we look at our phones way too often, don’t we? – You can get one like mine for as cheap as a pound!

10. Neck (or feet, or whatever) warmer – great little thing, helps you to get warm and relax. You just put it in the microwave for 2 mins, and enjoy the warmth and lavender scent 🙂 It helps me to sleep better as well 🙂 (4.99 in TK Maxx) – tartan… 😉

+1 Scented candle – I forgot to include that on the photo, but evidently, an apple cinnamon scented candle would truly help you get in the mood!

AAAND Put some “fireplace” music on! I usually listen to classical music while studying, it is said to stimulate the brain and help to concentrate – we’ll see – but for some more festive feeling, put some jazz on! My new fav this holiday season is Lady Gaga & Tony Bennett 🙂

Good luck everyone with your exams, and have fun getting ready for Christmas!



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