image Bianka and Dora on a mysterious spy mission

We have some amazing news for all of you, guys. After months of planning, running from place to place, organising, interviewing and many other things I saw my friend doing, finally we (you, your friends, me and everybody) can play mystery adventure games in Glasgow. Have you ever played with the idea of becoming a spy or an agent and nail the bad guys? Has it been your dream when you were a little kid? Are you a fan of mysteries and detective movies? Then, we have good news for you. You can try it at The Room Glasgow for an hour and experience the feeling of spying on someone: in the Spy Room.


The Room has arrived and we were the lucky ones who could try it first hand. It’s a start-up company by 2nd year business student Zsofia (Fashion at Glasgow Uni editor-in-chief, duh), giving a new definition to escape games and bringing a genuine amusement for everyone in Glasgow. If you haven’t heard of it yet, just keep reading, we’re sure you’ll get excited about it and want to try it immediately. We’ll tell you about our experience of the Spy Room, and you can decide for yourself if it’s something you’d want to try (pretty sure it is).


So, the game was the following: we were in a room, the door was locked and we needed to get out. We were surrounded by ordinary things – at least for the first sight. We needed to use our creativity, think critically and solve riddles that lead us and our team toward the whereabouts of the key. But that wasn’t the whole story. We were also looking for something which we had to bring with us when we left the room (as we were not locked into that room without a reason – the context was explained at the beginning of the game). We were there to find a specific, important and special item, as we were a group of highly trained, professional undercover agents who have managed to sneak into the office of an evil and rich businessman who was suspected of criminal activities. Our task was to get the evidence that will help the team to get down the villain, discover his motivations and also, find the key in an hour to leave the place.

Where to start? We read the letter handed to us at the start, explaining our role and situation and found the next step. But, although we were given a hint of where to start, it wasn’t so obvious… We had to work as a team, brainstorm, observe closely every little detail in the room and investigate. What we would say we enjoyed the most is that we used parts of our brains that we never knew existed. We’ve seen such stories in films before, but never been in such a situation where we had to act like detectives or spies ourselves. It is what it was promised to be: an exciting, gripping and thrilling adventure which has an amazing team-building power that will make you get away from your everyday life. Our team was lucky, we managed to escape (with some help) at the very last minute and we only left a few signs that we were there.


We are very keen to try the other rooms as well, the Identity Room sounds even more mysterious – a tenant of a room who went missing and we’d need to find out who he was and where is he now. Sounds very good to us, and we’ll definitely be trying it as soon as the place opens, on the 3rd of April.


The Room has three other different rooms as well, waiting for groups of 2-16 people of all ages – the Mansion room, the Party room and the Good Company room for corporate teams. It is something for everyone in Glasgow.

pic_party_room (2)

We hope you’ll also try these games and liked this post. For further information about The Room, please visit the website (, follow on facebook ( and twitter (@TheRoomGlasgow)! But be quick, if you want to enjoy the special 30% off offer (for bookings made until the 5th of April)!


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