Color combo to try for Galentine’s Day

By Karina Sorochynska

Yes, it’s Galentines. You read it right.

If you have ever watched Parks and Recreation, you know that on 13th of February you have a chance to do Galentine’s Day, i.e. meet up with your gals and have lots of fun. However, there is no strict restriction on the date: you can do that on exact day of Valentine’s as well. Nevertheless, we all know that it’s all about impressing and the outfit choice for the party is as important as the choice of a drink you will have (Cosmo, please!). So, why don’t you try the best color combo of the season: pink with a dash of red? Believe me, you can never be wrong with those two.


Pink and red sound like a strange combo, especially on the days when Tesco and Sainsbury’s are filled with pink chocolates, heart-shaped cards and teddybears (what a cliché), but it will work. At first I was kind of scary to mix it up, but one day I woke up with the though that I need a red skirt asap (of course I bought it that day) and I received so many compliments on my outfit I afterwards wore it to the party that I never regretted wearing those two together.

Shop the selection below:

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