Make up trends to try for GUCFS

By Karina Sorochynska

If you are definetly sure with your dress to wear for GUCFS, it means only thing is left to be decided – what make will you wear? Now, to avoid those usual last minute choices, we made the list of makeup trends for this season, each of them easy to repeat and does not require lots of time. Give them a try before the show and get ready to shine on the day!

Defined lips


All shades of red will do, however try to pick those that has a blue undertone, as they will mak your smile whiter. L’Oreal Paris Exclusive Lipstick in Blake suits almost everyone, however make sure to give it a try before the actual night. Make sure to line your lips for the longer stay and you can also fix the lipstick with the loose powder thrrough the napkin. As for the skin – keep it simple. You wan to have it glowing, so make sure to add a bit of highligter before the foundation, so that you will have the illumination from the inside effect. Do your brows, however make sure they are not on fleck, but rather natural. Add a dash of Marc Jacobs blush – they will give you an instant “le lift francaise”.

Bright eyeshadow 

If you are brave enough, you can try doing mono-eyeshadow make up, however not a light one, but rather really bright! Luckily, this won’t take much time to apply, since this is not a smokey eye which requires shadowing and layering. Make sure you use a good eye makeup base, like this Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer  – it will do its job perfectly. Further steps depend on which textures you are more familiar to work easy – dry or crem. However, I would suggest you to try the cream eyeshadow stick from Kiko, as it is really easy to blend and with vide selection of colours at reasonable prices this can be your go to make up for summer. Leave your skin and lips a natural way, adding a bit of concealer and highliter to the bridge of your nose and cupids bow.

Smokey Eyes 

Smokey Eye is a classic evening make up, however you can make it a bit more modern, as well as less cakey by keeping it simple. If you are bad at doing a smokey eye, however you are crazy about this look and whant to go for it no matter what, I suggest you to forget about Huda Beauty tutorials and keep it simple with just three eyeshadows and your fingers. Smokey Eye is all about making a shadow, so you will need to line your eyes with the black cream eyeshadow and really blend it with your finger. However don’t do much – see how it fits your shape. Then you want to take a slightly greyish one – metalic grey would be perfect, and start layering it on the top of the black. Add the lightest shade of gold to the inner coners of your eyes and under the brows. Add a dash of fake lashes to make the look even more smokey. As for the face, you really need to make sure that you have a full coverage, so take your time covering all the flaws, since dark eyes usually require perfect skin.

All that glitter all that gold 

I love glitter, which makes me absolutely in love with this trend. Now, the key here is to choose what you want to have for the night: stricking eyes or no-kiss lips. Going for the eyes? Make sure to use the base before you apply actual glue base, however this one from NYX works as primer itself making it faster and easier. Take the brush and start applying the glitter to your eyelids. You can either do a really sparkling full eye makeup look or you can go for eyeline one, depends on how strong and catchy you want it to be. Going for the lips? Apply the lipstick, same shade as the glitter, after you lined and powdered your lips. Add the same base as for the eyeshadow and carefully apply the glitter with the brush. Remove the excess with the tape and, voila, you are ready to go!


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