FWF 9th – 13th of October

By Karina Sorochynska

Fashionable weather forecast is the reason why I sleep extra hour in the morning, as it helps me to organize my outfits on weekend so that I know what I will wear in case it rains / snows / pours etc. Outfits come with an experince of being used to rains (I never thought I would say that), but over time it gets better and you totaly dgaf about whether it showers or not (though it still pisses off sometimes, but its all about letting it go).

Screen Shot 2017-10-09 at 1.55.44 AM

Letting it go is actually the reason (for me) why it is not raining that much as it used to. Maybe, it still is but I am not paying that much of attention to it or maybe that is the way universe lets me know that sometimes to receive something, you actually need to let it go first. However, shower days helped me to master the style of wearing absolutely everything despite what is happening outside.

Screen Shot 2017-10-09 at 1.55.30 AM.png

I have recently returned from my business trip from Cote d’Azur, so it is still hard for me to let the summer go, making me opt for a flowy summer dress despite the fact that it is indeed October. The good thing about dresses these days is that it is absolutely fine if you wear them over jeans (well, at least you mom won’t worry about your legs being pantless). Though if you are a risk taker add a check blazer – it will make the outfit more fabulous and not so casual. Leave the heels at home – it is all about loafers these days, which are worth investing into. Add some blush – it will gove you that glow, as if you spent a weekend somewhere in Monaco. Don’t forget your cup of coffee and make sure you have some hilarious stories to get you through Monday!


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