5 Glossier products you need to try

By Karina Sorochynska

Today while sitting on my 9 am with nothing special happening I was scrolling through the feed on my Instagram when a post from Glossier, who now ships to UK, hit me. Ever since being to their showroom this summer in New York I became obsessed with their brand and especially their cruelty-free products! I was recently thinking about what I would do when I will run out of my serums and balms (I was seriously thinking about flying to NYC just to get few pink pouches) and tadam here it is – UK delivery is now on. However, with the vast number of products you feel like you want everything (we understand it – we actually do) and it is not easy to make the choice. Luckily, we tested the products and are now ready to tell you what are the top 5.

1.Milky Jelly Cleanser 

This one is my absolute favourite! Milky Jelly Cleanser can be used both in the morning for a fresh wake up or in the evening to take the day off. I use mine in the morning just before starting my make up routine, as it is light and perfect for gentle cleansing. It smells like roses, delicately cleanses your skin and helps to wake up.

Shop Milky Jelly Cleanser here 

2. Balm Dotcom 

These balms look tiny but how much work they do! Best solution for rough skin, cuticles and lips. I use mine to prep my lips for when I am using super dry matte lipstick – it makes lips softer and lipstick puts on easier. And with the variety of flavors it is hard to choose one – why don’t just get them all?

Shop Balm Dotcom here

3. Super Glow Serum

This is my favourite out of Glossier Serum Superpack. Enriched with vitamin C, Super Glow is a perfect choice for when you feel like your skin is getting dull and you need an instant upgrade. I add few drops to prime my skin before putting on the foundation or CC cream as it gives you that glow that comes from the inside.

Shop Super Glow here

4. Cloud Paint

Luckily the era of countouring is leaving and light creamy textures are the future! Cloud Paint is a cream blush, with gel formula that quickly gets into skin and allows you to create a kissed skin in a few seconds.

Shop Cloud Paint here

5. Invisible Shield

Last but not least – SPF is increasingly important! Even in a rainy place like Glasgow, where sun barely comes out, SPF is not an option, it is a priority. I always out the SPF before I leave the house no matter what season it is or whether the sun is shining or not. This is a wee thing you can do for your skin to help it last long and young.

Shop Invisible Shield here


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