Craze of Fanny Packs

By Maryam Alturaiki

As seen on social media, fanny packs are everywhere. Every blogger/influencer have been spotted wearing one. At first I was not sure of it, because fanny packs were associated to my childhood so when I started seeing it on models, bloggers, and literally everyone, I was like okay let me look into this trend until it actually grew on me. However, it was not only in our childhood, it was a trend in the 90’s. My mom’s old pictures consisted her wearing a fanny pack and I always made fun of it until it actually became a trend now (joke’s on me).

It can be styled with practically anything; it goes with formal clothes and casual clothes. Many high-end brands have them such as Prada, Gucci, and Alexander Wang. Also, men can rock them too as seen on the Hermes winter 17/18 runway.

It can be styled around the waist or like a cross-bag and it will look bomb. Topshop and urban outfitters started doing them as well, who is on the more affordable category and you really don’t have to pay 3,000 quid to rock one.

Shop the selection below

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